Makmore Beaches

The island is famous for its beautiful beaches. We, at MakMore, have our preferred ones which we are happy to share with our guests and friends!

The closest ones:

Ysterni – 2’ by car and 10′ on foot. Two small remote beaches. Quiet and nice. For one of them, access is not easy but once you are there you will be rewarded!
Tsoukalia – 10’ by car. Big, not organized beach. It is the one you see from MakMore. Good for kite surfing.

Santa Maria – 15’ by car. “Big” Santa Maria is an organized beach with various activities. Good for teenagers, windsurf, beach volley, music in the afternoon.
Small Santa Maria – 20’ by car. Perfect place when strong winds hit the island. Good for swimming and diving (dive school “pro divers”).
Aspro Galazio – 5’ by car and 15′ on foot. Trendy beach bar.

Makmore Beaches

and further:

Golden Beach – 25’ by car. Very good place for windsurfing. Also, close to it, try “New Golden Beach”.
• “Pounta beach” – 40’ by car. Perfect for kite surfing only (paroskite).
• “Kalogeros” -25’ by car. Not organized. Known for its natural spa!

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